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Millennial Debt Domination

Become a #DebtWarrior and win your money game.

Millennials have the most debt out of any generation. Katie Fatta, of Navicore Solutions, is a millennial who wants to help you dominate that debt. If are a millennial or a part of Gen Z, this podcast is here to help you better understand your debt, finances, and money. Learn to be a debt warrior and you won’t be scared to check your bank account app anymore.

Oct 11, 2023

On this episode of Millennial Debt Domination, Katie talks with current Navicore Solutions' client, Erin C. 

Erin is currently a Navicore Solutions client on a Debt Management Program. With credit card and student loan debt piling up, Erin decided to reach out to Navicore Solutions for professional help with her debt. Not only is Erin taking control of her debt, but she's also changing her whole financial life. Katie and Erin discuss how Erin accumulated debt, how she heard about Navicore, how she keeps herself motivated, and much more. 

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