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Millennial Debt Domination

Become a #DebtWarrior and win your money game.

Millennials have the most debt out of any generation. Katie Fatta, of Navicore Solutions, is a millennial who wants to help you dominate that debt. If are a millennial or a part of Gen Z, this podcast is here to help you better understand your debt, finances, and money. Learn to be a debt warrior and you won’t be scared to check your bank account app anymore.

Mar 27, 2020

Getting your first adult job is an exciting time for a recent graduate. There are several confusing extras that come with your first ‘real’ job, such as having benefits. Benefits are a new found responsibility for anyone who is first entering the workforce. In today’s episode we’ll be tackling the topic: What to do when you get a job with benefits.

Today, Katie is joined by Kathy Lo Bue, who is a Registered Investment Advisor at Glen Eagle Advisors.

Kathy and Katie discuss these topics:

  • Should you stay on your parent’s health insurance once you get a job with benefits?
  • Other benefits that can be taken advantage of instead of health insurance
  • The basics of 401k’s
  • The importance of credit
  • How to create a budget and why having a budget is important
  • Financial tips for millennials and generation Z

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