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Millennial Debt Domination

Become a #DebtWarrior and win your money game.

Millennials have the most debt out of any generation. Katie Fatta, of Navicore Solutions, is a millennial who wants to help you dominate that debt. If are a millennial or a part of Gen Z, this podcast is here to help you better understand your debt, finances, and money. Learn to be a debt warrior and you won’t be scared to check your bank account app anymore.

Sep 9, 2020

On this episode Katie wraps up the student loan series discussing life after school and how student loans can affect someone for many years.

Katie is joined by Amanda R. on this episode. Amanda has a bachelor’s degree, a doctoral degree, and student loans. Amanda studied Kinesiology during her undergraduate years and then went on to study physical therapy during graduate school and obtained her doctoral degree. After taking a year off in between undergraduate and graduate school, Amanda continued her school which meant she had to take out more student loans. Katie and Amanda discuss how having student loan debt can affect your life priorities, why she decided to go to graduate school although it would mean taking out more student loans, and how she is tackling her federal loans with the Student Loan Forgiveness program.

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